We are a commercial general contractor based in the Pacific Northwest, with a unique management structure, a broad resume and an uncommon perspective. We craft buildings that are much more than just projects in a portfolio. Our buildings are a way of responding to what we value most.


Whether it's an 11 story tower or a non-profit remodel, we're "all in." We don't just build your project, we embrace your mission. We'll create a construction plan that thoroughly responds to you and your goals.   learn more


Walker's team of project managers and site superintendents have a combined breadth and depth of experience unmatched in this region. This knowledge and perspective profoundly benefits your project.   learn more


For us, construction goes way beyond our own bottom line. We build so that people and communities can thrive. We support and invest in them.   learn more

Rockwood Summit Tower

The Rockwood Summit Tower is a monument to challenges overcome with beautiful solutions. It is the tallest, most complex post-tension structure in Spokane … and an architectural work of art. But, most of all, the Summit Tower is a tribute to the people who will live within it. It was a privilege to build for them.

Rockwood Summit Tower Project


Walker Construction has been serving the Pacific Northwest for 35 years. We provide construction solutions and general contracting services via any delivery method.


We'll come alongside you and your team early in project development to help you build a reliable budget, a more responsive design, accurate construction documents and an astute project schedule


At Walker Construction, our owners still manage their own projects — and all of our project managers are empowered to make authoritative on-site decisions. This lets us achieve a level of efficiency, perspective and accountability unmatched by other regional general contractors.


Walker self-performs a lot of the labor on our jobs — and we're known for our innovative solutions with concrete. This ensures the quality of the most critical tasks, saves on labor costs and enables us to meet demanding schedules.


Value engineering is both an art and science! It's how we help you find savings and efficiencies in materials as well as the construction process … without sacrificing your project's goals or the occupants' experience.


GC/CM is a more formal way for us to participate in a project's design and constructability. Our guidance can often realize significant savings and efficiencies. Walker Construction has been involved in the GC/CM process since the first Washington State pilot projects.


This is a delivery method where Walker Construction leads the design team as well as managing the construction process. This has significant advantages for you as a Project Owner … namely: accurate design and budgeting, reduced risk and an efficient, streamlined build with one point of contact.

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