We've been privileged to work with nearly all of the higher education institutes in our region. College construction teams are discerning and exacting. We gain their respect by embracing their objectives … and then exceeding their expectations. We know we're building structures that need to endure 50 to 100 years and yet evolve to meet the needs of a changing student population.


We get to know you and your campus culture. During pre-construction, we'll develop an understanding of what's important to you and will help you and your architect ensure the project represents that.


Our success with higher education construction comes down to: communication, coordination and technical skill. We emphasize all three to keep these complex builds on track while minimizing interference with campus life.


When building in close proximity to students and faculty, safety is even more imperative. Our safety director will develop robust, site-specific safety protocols that serve our both our crews and the public.


The fact that we have completed over 100 individual projects for Gonzaga University speaks to a relationship that is based on trust, reciprocity and integrity. We do what we say we're going to do. And we deepen that trust with each new project.


Gonzaga University Jesuit ResidenceSpokane, WA

This new 36,074 square foot Jesuit Residence on the Gonzaga Campus will serves as home for Jesuits living on campus. This beautiful facility houses 20 Fathers, a hospitality suite, chapel, dining room, and administrative space for their use. It also includes reflective space to serve Jesuits seeking retreat.

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Coughlin HallSpokane, WA

This five story, 125,000 SF Gonzaga University student housing facility is four floors of wood framing on top of an elevated post tensioned deck. It is designed with 170 living units, including a lounge area on each floor, a music room, library, seminar room, full size classroom, and several recreation areas. Walker Construction worked closely with the University and design team to develop project budgets during pre-construction, as well as developing early earthwork packages so we could get an early start on the project while the design phase continued to finalize details.

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Kennedy ApartmentsSpokane, WA

This phased project was a negotiated design-build contract with Gonzaga University. The mixed-use 240,000 SF student housing facility encompasses an entire city block, including a first floor parking garage and retail space under a post-tensioned concrete deck. Also included are four separate floors of wood framed apartment units complete with kitchens and restrooms. Pre-construction efforts included our team and subcontractors working in conjunction with the design team to finalize drawings while continuing to monitor established budgets.

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Whitworth HUB and Dining ExpansionSpokane, WA

This project is an expansion of the dining hall and HUB at Whitworth University, adding nearly 14,000 SF of new floor space and 7,200 SF of renovated area. The new space allows for increased seating along with smaller dining areas and two new food service areas for a more varied dining experience. A mezzanine level is designed to offer additional dining space, or to be partitioned off as a meeting area. A basement under the new addition provides storage. The HUB renovation won an honor award for 2013 from the Masonry Industry Promotions Group.

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Gonzaga University School of LawSpokane, WA

This 104,000 SF building sits on a site next to the Spokane River on the edge of the Gonzaga University campus, and features brick veneer, polished granite entry, and manufactured slate tile roof. The interior is highlighted by a four-story atrium with an open staircase of wood, brass, and terrazzo. Walker Construction self-performed four stories of cast-in-place concrete and installation of the finish hardware. This building is being touted as one of the most beautiful law schools in the country, as well as one of the best bargains for the construction dollars spent.

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Gonzaga University School of EducationSpokane, WA

One of the first projects Walker Constructed completed on the Gonzaga University Campus, this 35,000 SF educational building required exceptional skills to layout, due to the buildings fan shaped design and very tight site conditions. Walker Construction is proud to have completed over 100 projects on the Gonzaga Campus since the School of Ed. 

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WSU Public Safety BuildingPullman, WA

This Design Build project on the WSU Campus is a new 15,500 SF building, plus 2,500 square feet for police vehicles and parking. The building includes offices, evidence rooms, weapons storage, locker rooms, records storage, a kitchen, and a conference room for training sessions. Built to meet LEED sustainability standards.

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Weyerhaeuser HallSpokane, WA

This state-of-the-art 33,000 SF educational facility at Whitworth University houses a teaching theater, seven classrooms, two computer labs, offices, and a conference room, all with the highest level of technology available. Walker Construction started early on this project by providing budgetary prices during the design process and worked with the design team in providing value engineering ideas to contain costs during both the design and construction phases. This beautiful three-story steel and masonry building was finished in eleven months. 

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Boppell HallSpokane, WA

This 30,000 SF premiere Whitworth University residence hall was completed in just over six months and came in over $150,000 under budget. Designed to house junior and seniors, each individual suite features two bedrooms with bay windows, a bathroom, storage room and living area. The beautiful main lounge features a fireplace and skylight. Walker Construction worked with the University in the pre-construction phase by developing early start packages such as foundations and framing, and providing accurate budgets and value engineering opportunities. Key subcontractors were also brought in to ensure resources were available to complete work in a very short schedule.

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Twohy HallSpokane, WA

This Gonzaga University residence hall is a three-story wood frame structure with some very nice amenities including common spaces with fireplaces on each floor, an elevator, two laundry facilities, and two kitchens. The exterior of the building is a combination of split face CMU veneer, brick, EIFS, and vinyl siding. Walker Construction began work in July of 2004, and completed it early, over four months before students moved in.

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Stevens Center Golf and Tennis FacilitySpokane, WA

This two level, 62,000 square foot indoor Gonzaga University sports complex accommodates six regulation varsity tennis courts with special coatings for practice and tournament play, and a golf practice facility with chipping area and putting green. The building was constructed with a post tensioned slab on grade and field cast, and 30 foot tall concrete tilt up panels with precast decking. The center also houses four, state of the art golf simulators, locker rooms, a lounge area, and coaches’ offices. A mezzanine level has room for viewing with six two-row bleachers above the ends of each tennis court.

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Whitworth University CaféSpokane, WA

This charming coffee shop was added in the existing student union building at Whitworth University. Details such as stone veneer, copper counter tops and a built in fireplace make this a popular place for students and faculty to meet, eat, study, and of course enjoy a cup of coffee.

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Tilford CenterSpokane, WA

The Gonzaga University Tilford Center was a large tenant improvement within the existing cast-in-place concrete warehouse known as the Fuller Building. A total of 46,000 SF of floor space was revitalized into large common areas, classrooms, and office spaces. The main floor included a small coffee shop and a student lounge, complete with fireplace. The project consisted of all new mechanical, fire sprinkler, and electrical systems. Although the structure was sound, it needed to be modified to accommodate the new lecture rooms and labs. Columns were removed and new, large steel beams were installed to enlarge the spaces needed. Other elements of work performed by Walker Construction and their subcontractors included the installation of a new elevator, a material lift, new stair tower, and a rooftop mechanical platform. There was also extensive work required to level existing floors prior to receiving floor coverings and to enlarge the existing windows to create a uniform and consistent look.

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University Chapel RenovationSpokane, WA

The University Chapel was constructed as part of a 1905 addition to the Administration Building at Gonzaga University (1898). Designed by two prominent Spokane architects, the third floor Chapel featured one of the largest “pressed-tin” ceilings in the city, gas / electric light fixtures, and carved altars, pews and railings. Over the decades, many original features were lost, replaced or compromised. In the 1960's the altars and railings were removed. Pews were replaced with platforms, chairs and benches. The original wall murals and motifs were painted over; the sanctuary walled-off for storage. Windows were covered with colored glass panels. Plastic cylinders and globe/fans replaced original light pendants. The original fir floor was carpeted; and, for a period, orange burlap hung over the pressed-tin ceiling. By the 1990's, the Chapel was uninviting, un-inspiring and under-used. The directive from the Vice-President for Mission was to the point: “Recapture its Soul”. Walker Construction was hired as the General Contractor and woodwork restorer, successfully restoring the chapel as the center of worship for the University Community.

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St. Michael the Archangel ChapelSpokane, WA

This small but significant tenant improvement completed the last tenant space in the Kennedy Apartment complex. The centerpiece to the space is the restored stained glass window that was relocated from the Most Blessed Sacrament Church in Philadelphia. This window was one of 28 stained glass windows purchased by Gonzaga University; the other 27 windows were the catalyst to the upgrades to the University Chapel. Stone veneered walls and linear wood ceilings gives this space a very atractive and unique look.

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Herak CenterSpokane, WA

For over a dozen years Walker Construction has been involved in upgrades and renovations to the Herak Center for Engineering on the Gonzaga Campus. Projects have included Entry doors, labs, mechanical upgrades, offices, and classroom upgrades.

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Duvall HallSpokane, WA

This 47,700 SF Whitworth University residence hall houses 160 students. Walker Construction used a hybrid construction method which included exterior steel studs for the building shell and wood construction for the floor, interior walls and the roof structure. Each floor features suite configurations for living areas and lounges.

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My history with Gonzaga University spans pretty much my entire professional career. I have been building for GU long enough to where I'm now renovating buildings I originally worked on when I was just a few years past getting my own degree.

My partners and I really enjoy being able to get to know the colleges we build for. Each has their own history and culture and we embrace that unique identity throughout the build.

But as different as each college is, they all share an overriding concern for the welfare of their students and we absolutely embrace that too. It's gratifying to know that we're helping to create the places from which young people will go out into the world.

~ Ed Walker

Vice President / Project Manager