Making a Difference

Building is not just a technical endeavor … it's a highly relational one. Think about it. As builders, we have the opportunity to come alongside someone's hopes, dreams and aspirations. We need to establish a relationship of total transparency and mutual trust.

We come to truly understand who we're building for.

This makes us more than just professional associates. It makes us partners in creating environments where people are better served because of what we've been able to do together. Honestly, that's the best part about being a contractor.

But that investment in relationship doesn't end at the jobsite fencing. It extends into the community. It has to. That's why we exist. We don't just build for our own bottom line. We don't simply build for the owner who's hired us. We build so that people - communities - can thrive.

We're based in Spokane. But we consider our hometown to be any place we build. From Port Townsend to Deer Park … we treat those communities like our own. We support and invest in them.


Sometimes our projects offer us some very special ways to "give back" to a community or enhance people's enjoyment of a space. Whether it's saving a turn-of-the-century school bell or supporting the Spokane Symphony, we're proud to able to contribute to the communities where we build.

Spokane Symphony project thumbnail

Spokane Symphony

Lake Roosevelt K-12 Playground project thumbnail

Lake Roosevelt K-12 Playground

The Rotary Fountain at Riverfront Park project thumbnail

The Rotary Fountain at Riverfront Park

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St John's Cathedral

Wahluke High School project thumbnail

Wahluke High School

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The Arc of Spokane

Spokane SymphonySpokane, WA

Spokane is fortunate to have a world-class symphony orchestra comprised of 70 musicians and led by the distinguished Eckhart Preu.

In restoring the Fox Theater, Walker Construction was able to create an artistically and acoustically outstanding performing arts venue worthy of the Spokane Symphony -- and one which they could be proud to call “home.”

The Symphony performs more than 60 concerts each year to over 150,000 listeners throughout the season. But they also engage in a variety of outreach programs: Music lessons for underserved children, family-friendly free concerts, and even an instrument “petting zoo”… just to name a few. Their goal is to enrich people's lives by bringing them into a new relationship with music.

Walker Construction's continuing support of the Spokane Symphony represents our appreciation for the work that they do in our community as well as the excellence of the music that they share with all of us.

Our symphony is truly a community treasure.

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Lake Roosevelt K-12 PlaygroundCoulee Dam, WA

With a population of only about 1100 people, the town of Coulee Dam struggled to get funding for their new school. Ninety-nine percent of the district is on land that is tribal or government owned and not subject to a bond levy. Students attended schools with leaky roofs, dangerous air quality, and asbestos contamination.

When state funds finally became available, Walker Construction came alongside this project with a determination to help the cash-strapped district make the most of their budget. We value-engineered the project, found cost savings wherever we could, and compressed our schedule to ensure the kids could start school on time.

And, finally, we were able to donate some pretty cool KOMPAN playground equipment to the new combined school campus. It was fun to be able to give the kids a special place to play during recess, but we're also told that playground has become a gathering place for families on the weekend as well. And that means a lot to us.

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The Rotary Fountain at Riverfront ParkSpokane, WA

“This is a gift to the children.”

That's the inscription on The Rotary Fountain at Spokane's Riverfront Park.

Originally conceptualized for the World's Fair during Expo '74, the fountain was initially shelved due to lack of funding. However, 30 years later, the Downtown Spokane Rotary Club #21, Spokane Parks Department, Walker Construction and other contributors revived the project and worked together to make the fountain a reality.

Walker Construction completed this playground water feature in 2004 and since that time, hundreds of thousands of visitors have enjoyed it. Its distinctive design is the artwork of renowned local sculptor, Harold Balazs and it has become a local icon and a regional destination.

We're proud to have helped bring this Spokane landmark to life.

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St John's CathedralSpokane, WA

“At its very best the Church is the only place in society where all you need to join is your own humanity, and where all you need to give is your own true self, and where all you are going to get is the unconditional love of God who created and sustains you.”
~ Rev. Bill Ellis, Dean of St. John's Cathedral

St. John's Cathedral touches the lives of thousands of people every year through worship, ministry and cultural activities. Originally built in 1929 in the Gothic architectural tradition, it is the Center of the Episcopal Diocese which encompasses Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho.

Walker Construction has been a part of maintaining this iconic Cathedral over the past decade and our work represents a confluence of skill and belief. We've been privileged to build or renovate a lot of churches across the Pacific Northwest, but St. John's is truly one of a kind.

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Wahluke High SchoolMattawa, WA

Wahluke High School is at the heart of Mattawa, a small town with deep roots. Its history goes back centuries to the first inhabitants: the Native Wanapum tribe. The district was passionate about creating a school where the kids could feel a connectedness with that past. Our construction team embraced that thoroughly.

When the project was nearing completion, the superintendent was inspired by an idea: he wanted culturally significant artwork created for the side of the building — an identity statement. Because it was not budgeted for in the original plan, we had to get creative.

Justin Paine, Walker Construction's project manager and owner, has a certain skill in metalwork. He took a design provided by Architects West and created the artwork in his own shop on his personal time.

That art is visible today on the front of Wahluke High School. Not as a monument to what we have done, but as tribute to cultural richness of this unique community.

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The Arc of SpokaneSpokane, WA

Spokane County is home to approximately 7,000 people with intellectual or developmental disabilities. The Arc of Spokane exists to help those people enjoying a rich and meaningful life. The Arc's programs provide advocacy, family support, employment, independent and supported living, as well as social and recreational activities.

Walker Construction was part of the team that re-imagined an old 1950's automotive garage into a vibrant community center for the Arc's constituents. After the build, we continue to provide financial and logistical support to this incredibly worthwhile non-profit.

When The Arc asked us if we could build a stage for their annual Rock the Runway fundraiser, we said, "Yes" and our return on investment was the joy of watching 15 amazing Arc clients walk that runway with style and confidence.

The people served by The Arc of Spokane are some of the most generous, whole-hearted people you'll ever meet. And it's a privilege to be part of the team that helps them to thrive.

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