Lake Roosevelt K-12 Playground
Coulee Dam, WA

With a population of only about 1100 people, the town of Coulee Dam struggled to get funding for their new school. Ninety-nine percent of the district is on land that is tribal or government owned and not subject to a bond levy. Students attended schools with leaky roofs, dangerous air quality, and asbestos contamination.

When state funds finally became available, Walker Construction came alongside this project with a determination to help the cash-strapped district make the most of their budget. We value-engineered the project, found cost savings wherever we could, and compressed our schedule to ensure the kids could start school on time.

And, finally, we were able to donate some pretty cool KOMPAN playground equipment to the new combined school campus. It was fun to be able to give the kids a special place to play during recess, but we're also told that playground has become a gathering place for families on the weekend as well. And that means a lot to us.
Grand Coulee Dam School District
Design West Architects