Our Approach to Safety

We're uncompromising in our approach to jobsite safety. It's a foundational part of our project management. Each and every project is underpinned by a comprehensive environmental, health, and safety program which covers everyone who will work on our site or be affected by it. Our full-time safety director will develop a site specific plan to protect our crews, subcontractors, visitors, existing occupants and the general public.

We begin by thoroughly evaluating all aspects of the jobsite and vicinity for potential safety hazards. We take into account site conditions, pedestrian and vehicle traffic patterns, the activities of existing occupants, seasonal issues, materials staging as well as unique interim issues that will evolve as the project grows. Our safety director communicates with the owner or their representatives so we can understand and respond to activities that will happen in the vicinity of our site. Whether it's a Lilac Parade or Parents Weekend at Whitworth, we'll develop a plan that will proactively mitigate hazards for the public.

When the project is underway, we foster an attitude of safety-consciousness through communication and education. Our employees receive extensive safety training as part of their orientation, as well as thorough site-specific safety trainings at each jobsite they go to. All foremen, superintendents, and project managers have OSHA 10 Construction training as well as First Aid/CPR certification.

We hold weekly safety meetings at each site to provide ongoing safety education as it pertains to that job. Daily workplace inspections are conducted on each site to identify potential hazards. All equipment is inspected daily before use to identify any deficiencies or safety issues. Our safety director performs regular on-site safety audits to ensure compliance with safety guidelines and regulations. Any issues are corrected immediately.

We expect our subcontractors to embrace this culture of safety on our jobs. Each subcontractor is required to submit their own site specific Safety Plan along with Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for the relevant products which will be used on the site. Subcontractors are expected to attend and contribute to our weekly safety meetings.

Walker Construction administers a substance abuse testing program for all field employees which includes pre-employment, random, and post-accident testing. We enforce a Safety Infraction Disciplinary Policy for any employee who is involved in a preventable industrial or property damage accident, “near miss” incident or safety infraction.

Safety Consciousness is a mindset we're proud of. It keeps costs down and morale up. But most importantly … It helps ensure that everyone on our jobsites goes home whole and well at the end of each day.