Industrial projects usually feature their complexity on the inside. Technology and modern manufacturing techniques have made these structures more demanding to build than ever. These need to be spaces that promote productivity by responding to both the needs of your employees as well as the requirements of your technology and equipment. They need to blend operational and cost efficiency while still being pleasant places to work. They should also be as future-proof as possible with an emphasis on structural adaptability and life-cycle costs.


We like to become involved early in design so we can make sure the plans account for the synergy and support of all the essential systems. We’ll also make recommendations that will help you and the architect plan for technological changes and future expansion.


We get to know you. We have a substantial understanding of industrial systems but we also develop an understanding of your unique requirements. We’ll make sure your infrastructure supports your equipment, workflow, and performance objectives. We’ll also translate the construction process so you can make informed decisions about your build.


Concrete is an essential and unforgiving component of industrial construction. You have to get it right the first time. This is another area where our expertise can really benefit your project. Walker Construction self performs all of our concrete and we have some of the most skilled and experienced concrete craftsmen in the region.



This 150,000 square foot industrial facility in Airway Heights, WA is the first of a series of design-build — or hybrid design-build — projects for this international aerospace manufacturing company.

Tilt-panel buildings like this go up quickly. You can see a vertical structure in about a week. But what you don’t see is all the design, planning, coordination, and the form-work that goes into a successful tilt.

Our drone pilot had some fun with this video — here’s what a tilt panel project looks like from the air.

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