Agnes Kehoe Place

Spokane, WA

Located in Spokane’s Historic Hillyard district, this project involved the historic rehabilitation of the former Hillyard School building, originally constructed in 1908 and later expanded in 1927. To enhance the seismic restraint capability of the structure, a four-sided brace frame tower was installed, reaching a height of sixty-five feet and anchored to a newly installed seismic footing in the basement. The project also included the installation of an elevator servicing the basement and three stories above grade. Due to its historic status, only the restoration of original exterior elements was permitted which involved the meticulous repair, insulation, and reinstallation of every original window sash. The masonry underwent a complete repointing, sealing, and preservation process. Historic photos guided the restoration of original elements removed in earlier remodel projects. The interior space underwent a comprehensive remodel, featuring unique elements such as ten loft-style units with spiral staircases and a pioneering four-pipe hydronic heating and cooling system circulating domestic hot and cold water supplies—a first for Spokane.

Client: Spokane Housing Authority

Architect: SMR Architects