Churchills Steakhouse Renovation

Spokane, WA

Churchill’s Steakhouse underwent a transformative renovation to enhance their dining and bar areas.  The stylish downstairs bar area had extensive refinishing work completed to the bar top and back-of-bar casework along with a refreshing of new paint and carpet.  Stairway walls transitioned from stone to matching wood.  Turning to the elegant main dining room, the focus was, again, shifting from stone veneer walls and replacing them with all wood surfaces with rich leather-inlays , incorporating back-lit marble tops, and a new wallcovering scheme.  Lighting was enhanced with new cove lighting and crown molding and the addition of a spectacular new, imported central chandelier.  The flooring underwent a shift to a highly scratch-resistant laminated wood product.  Finishing touches included reupholstering of booths, new draperies, and ceiling paint.  All work was completed in less than three weeks to minimize the shutdown impact on the thriving restaurant.

Client: Churchill’s Steakhouse