CSO 24

Spokane, WA

One of the first GC/CM projects released and governed by the City of Spokane, this CSO (Combined Sewer Overflow) project is the largest tank to date within Spokane’s infrastructure. The new tank is nearly 30 feet deep, has 3-foot-thick perimeter walls, and has the capacity to hold nearly 2,400,000 gallons of combined sewage and stormwater. The tank is located between two major arterials near the core of downtown Spokane, which made coordinating with local businesses, City personnel, and residents of nearby apartments an essential aspect of the project. Under the guidance of the GC/CM, the project was phased to allow early start on utility relocation and maintain an aggressive critical path construction schedule while the tank design continued to develop. Included in the overall project was an elaborate neighborhood park and gathering area which sits over the top of the tank, and a small dog park across the street. This was a joint venture between Walker Construction & Halme Construction.

Client: City of Spokane