GU Integrated Science and Engineering Building

Dimensions Health Group

Coeur d’Alene ID

Walker Construction has demolished approximately two thirds of the old Coeur d’Alene’s Forestry Service Building’s interior to give the 1994 building a new beginning with a great vision of what new age healthcare facilities should look and feel like. In the middle of the building, the roof and ceiling have been opened in preparation for two 20’ x 10’ skylights that give the below interior interactive Healing Garden the natural light needed to support living plants, giving a space for patients to relax and escape while receiving treatment, and for staff to enjoy from the breakroom. The exterior gets revived with new beautiful black brick accents, new paint, and a refresh of clean landscape. Beacon Cancer Care’s space has a mixture of framing and insulation happening, while other parts of the facility have already had painting in exam and office spaces and is ready for casework installation. Ironwood’s interior slab demo has begun, in preparation for new underground plumbing.

Client: Dimensions Health Group, LLC
Architect: Bernardo-Wills Architect PC