Gonzaga College Hall

Spokane, WA

Built in 1898, this building required major ADA upgrades and interior remodeling to meet current codes. It also required a cohesive design that blended administration and classroom functions. Design work began in 2004 and the project was completed in phases over a 4-1/2 year period to ensure that daily administration and student activities would not be interrupted. Because the building incorporates 32 classrooms and labs for various academic departments, extensive programming was involved. Classroom remodels were completed for Communications, Arts, Student Publications, University Relations, Psychology, Sociology, History, and arts & Sciences. These departments previously had offices dispersed throughout the building, which made interdepartmental contact poor at best. This building also houses the President and VP’s offices, as well as Financial Aid and Counseling Services. Through extensive design and construction efforts, a revitalized look and function was achieved.

Client: Gonzaga University
Architect: ALSC Architects