Make a Wish Spaceship

Spokane, WA

Many projects have been built by Walker Construction since its beginnings in 1983, but one stands out above the rest. In 2007 Walker Construction had the honor to participate with the Make -A-Wish Foundation to grant a wish for a local 14-year-old who dreamed of being the first person with a disability in space. The gift: A 17-foot-tall, 8-1/2-foot-wide rocket ship playhouse for his own backyard. Walker Construction donated a defunct soundboard from the Fox Theater restoration and the actual rocket was built by volunteer Walker Crews, and actually craned into the young man’s backyard. Several other companies were involved, and local architect Doug Heyamoto donated his time to draw up the plans. When the family moved out of the region, the family didn’t want the space ship torn down so they interviewed several people to inherit the spaceship and decided to give it to the youth pastor at a local church. Walker Construction stepped in again to lift the space ship out of the backyard and deliver it to its new home.

Client: Make A Wish Foundation
Architect: Private