St John’s Cathedral

Spokane, WA

At its very best the Church is the only place in society where all you need to join is your own humanity, and where all you need to give is your own true self, and where all you are going to get is the unconditional love of God who created and sustains you.
~ Rev. Bill Ellis, Dean of St. John’s Cathedral

St. John’s Cathedral touches the lives of thousands of people every year through worship, ministry and cultural activities. Originally built in 1929 in the Gothic architectural tradition, it is the Center of the Episcopal Diocese which encompasses Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho.

Walker Construction has been a part of maintaining this iconic Cathedral over the past decade and our work represents a confluence of skill and belief. We’ve been privileged to build or renovate a lot of churches across the Pacific Northwest, but St. John’s is truly one of a kind.

Client: St. John’s Cathedral
Architect: Various Architects