Spokane, WA

This high tech nursing lab was part of the Gonzaga University Tilford Center renovation performed by Walker Construction. The lab is on the first floor with an interactive conference center which will enable Gonzaga to expand its online programs, one of which includes nursing. The Tilford Center project was a large tenant improvement within the existing cast-in-place concrete warehouse known as the Fuller Building. A total of 46,000 SF of floor space was revitalized into large common areas, classrooms, and office spaces. The project consisted of all new mechanical, fire sprinkler, and electrical systems. Although the structure was sound, it needed to be modified to accommodate the new lecture rooms and labs. Columns were removed and new, large steel beams were installed to enlarge the spaces needed. Other elements of work performed by Walker Construction and their subcontractors included the installation of a new elevator, a material lift, new stair tower, and a rooftop mechanical platform. There was also extensive work required to level existing floors prior to receiving floor coverings and to enlarge the existing windows to create a uniform and consistent look.

Client: Gonzaga University
Architect: Wolfe Architectural Group