Wahluke High School

Mattawa, WA

Wahluke High School is at the heart of Mattawa, a small town with deep roots. Its history goes back centuries to the first inhabitants: the Native Wanapum tribe. The district was passionate about creating a school where the kids could feel a connectedness with that past. Our construction team embraced that thoroughly.

When the project was nearing completion, the superintendent was inspired by an idea: he wanted culturally significant artwork created for the side of the building an identity statement. Because it was not budgeted for in the original plan, we had to get creative.

Justin Paine, Walker Construction’s project manager and owner, has a certain skill in metalwork. He took a design provided by Architects West and created the artwork in his own shop on his personal time.

That art is visible today on the front of Wahluke High School. Not as a monument to what we have done, but as tribute to cultural richness of this unique community.

Client: Wahluke School District
Architect: Architects West