Washington State University Eastlick Building

Pullman, WA

WSU Eastlick Building is one of three buildings housing the School of Biological Sciences, that has numerous teaching laboratories on the inside. The building is over 30 years old, and the purpose of this project was to renovate/upgrade some of the teaching laboratories, the student study lounge area, and the HVAC system of the building so as to accommodate more students, classes and to create an up-to-date environment for studying. The project was a Contractor-led progressive design-build led by Walker Construction in partnership with NAC, who were lead consultants (Architect). Tasks involved in this project were demolition work with asbestos abatement, drywall assemblies, acoustic ceilings, flooring finish, painting, and casework. It also had Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing upgrades in the renovated areas.

Client: Washington State University
Architect: NAC Architecture