We have one of the broadest portfolios of any similarly sized regional contractor. We’ve done historic preservation, performing arts centers, affordable housing, K-12 schools, higher education, restaurants, sports centers, retirement communities, downtown remodels, towers, hospitals and industrial manufacturing facilities. This breadth gives us depth.

    We’re engaged.

We maintain a leaner approach to construction where project managers are hands-on, on-site, and empowered to make authoritative decisions on their jobs. By removing layers of corporate bureaucracy, we achieve a level of efficiency, perspective and accountability that is unmatched by any other regional general contractor.

We get to know you. We thoroughly embrace your goals and mission and express those with every project decision we make. We want to be more than just a corporate construction resource, we want to be a partner in building the structures that help you succeed.

We’re honest.

We’ll never compromise on our own understanding of what’s right and true. We will always be accountable. We treat the owner’s money as if it were our own. We champion our owner’s goals even when it’s inconvenient. The financial management of a construction project is open for an owner to review. Integrity is the cornerstone of everything we do.

We travel.

Over 25% of our projects are outside of Spokane.
We have developed systems and protocols that allow us
to manage these builds efficiently and the costs effectively.
We are able to give our out-of-town owners a highly
competitive price and a level of service and responsiveness
that often surpasses that of their local contractors.

We’re creative.

We’re proactive in dealing with challenges. We are passionate about discovering creative, innovative solutions that keep the project on track. We utilize a positive, collaborative approach to resolving issues, and we think outside the box. We find the way forward. No matter what.

We’re relational.

Excellence in construction doesn’t come from management alone; it comes from leadership. We strive to be leaders who listen, collaborate, communicate, and inspire, both on the jobsite and in our communities. Sure, we know construction. But we’re also deeply aware of the human element, the stories, and the hopes behind every project we do.

We’re safe.

We take safety very seriously, and our record reflects this. We train our crews thoroughly, communicate consistently, and make sure our site-specific safety plan covers not only our workforce but the general public. At the end of the day, that’s our most important job.

An Owner’s Point of View

“I can’t say enough about Justin and his dedication to our project. When you have a project manager who is also an owner of the company, you have a person who has both authority and commitment. This was invaluable to the success of the Exotic Metals project. Justin communicated with us on an almost daily basis. And just when I was about to bring something up, I would find it had already been handled. Justin was a rock star. We felt like we were always his number one priority. Working with Walker Construction was a great design-build experience.”


Facilities Manager, Exotic Metals Forming Company

“Because Ed is an owner, we didn’t have to go through layers of staff to get decisions made. He was always available to us and willing to explain construction in language that a layman like myself could understand. I could always count on Ed and I deeply valued his expertise, but beyond that, what I think I appreciated most, was his dedication to us, our project and ultimately the occupants. I knew Ed was always building with them in mind. And those people are now enjoying their new home in the Rockwood Summit Tower.”


Former CEO, Rockwood Retirement Communities

“I want to thank you and the crew of Walker Construction for a tremendous job on our new retreat lodge. Not only are the guests universally delighted by the design but I have had numerous construction professional and architects comment on the meticulous craftsmanship evident throughout. Tom, you superivsed your subcontractors dilligently and ensured they met your exacting standards.

We look forward to working with Walker Construction on upcoming projects!”


Executive Director, Clearwater Lodge at Camp Spalding

“Walker exhibited the kind of leadership that any client hopes to receive from their contractor. Project Manager Jon Barter’s effort to deliver a quality project ahead of schedule was evident early on in the project, and his performance never wavered throughout. Jon was sensitive to our tight budget and provided value engineering suggestions that allowed us to get the best possible product for the funds available. We enjoyed Walker Construction’s culture of collaboration and are proud of the housing product we received. I can honestly say that Walker’s commitment to service, quality control, cost effectiveness and timely communication is truly outstanding.”


Executive Director, Yakima Housing Authority