Our Process on Video

We filmed the process of several of our projects so that you could see more of the construction and the people involved.

Affordable Housing: The Right Thing To Do

The “M” Series

In the 90’s it was The Bon March?. In the 2000’s it was Macy’s. Now, this iconic downtown building has a new name: The “M”. We’ll take you behind the scenes of the construction and renovation of this landmark through a series of “M” videos.

The Looff Carousel

When the Carousel first opened in Riverfront Park in 1975, one of the first groups to ride it were the kids from the Hutton Settlement. So, we invited the Hutton kids to be part of the reconstruction. Here, you’ll tour the project with them as the 12 structural columns are being lifted into place.

The Rockwood Summit Tower

We All Played a Part

It’s pretty cool to look at the skyline and realize the magnitude of the project we’ve just completed. But there were some significant challenges at the outset. This video talks about the teamwork and visionary leadership allowed this team to overcome those challenges and bring the project to life.