Our Team

Our Team

Our Team


We don’t just build structures. In our 33 years, we’ve also built a reputation for integrity and excellence. Experience matters —​ and we have one of the broadest portfolios of any similarly sized prime contractor. This benefits your project from concept to completion. You’ll get knowledgeable advice in your pre-construction, astute recommendations for value engineering, thorough estimates, accurate budgets, innovative solutions and a schedule that responds to the needs of your stakeholders and occupants. But our dedication matters too. We are a team of construction professionals who truly care about you and the success of your project. We’re thinkers, dreamers, doers — and problem solvers. But ultimately our success stems from the fact that we’re listeners. We embrace your goals. Construction isn’t about our portfolio. Construction is about you.


Ed Walker | Owner, President

Owner, President

Ed is the fourth generation in a family of commercial contractors; in some respects, Ed’s been in construction all of his life. Since joining Walker Construction in the year 1992, he’s successfully completed large, complex, community-driven projects, like the The Fox Theater and the Rockwood Summit Tower and has recently begun his 103rd project at Gonzaga University. Ed thrives on managing enormous levels of detail but he’s also a great communicator and an inspirational leader. He’ll thoroughly embrace an owners goals and empower his team to go above and beyond in achieving them.

Justin Paine | Owner, Vice President

Owner, Vice President

Justin joined Walker Construction in 1998. His project portfolio covers just about every type of build but he’s developed special expertise with industrial projects and K-12 schools. Justin has extensive background in GC/CM — in fact, he managed one of the Pilot GC/CM projects in Washington state. Justin’s expertise in the area of structural concrete has made him invaluable as an estimator or project manager on some of our most complex concrete jobs. Justin is a profoundly solutions driven contractor — he loves finding the perfect, innovative answer to a construction challenge.

Jon Barter
Jon Barter | Director, Affordable Housing

Director, Affordable Housing Division

Jon started his journey with Walker in 1989. With well rounded experience and a background as an active duty and reserve Marine Sergeant Major, Jon is an essential member of our team. For the last ten years Jon has dedicated his expertise to sustainable, affordable housing construction and has attained the well-deserved role of our Director of the Affordable Housing Division. Jon’s ethics and strong leadership background are exemplified with his communication, transparency, and team collaboration.

Frank Scoma | Project Manager

Project Manager

Frank has more than 20 years of construction experience. His background in commercial as well as affordable housing and multi-family home construction has made him one of the top professionals in the region for this type of build. He’s a budget geek  and loves to track numbers and cost trajectories like the project’s money was his own. Frank is based in Tri-Cities, which allows him to be part of our program of service to our many central Washington clients. He’s a great communicator and a creative thinker, but what’s most impressive about Frank is his heart. He goes to work with a purpose, and he’s passionate about building homes for people in need.

Greg Farquhar | Project Manager

Project Manager

Greg’s construction experience ranges from office interior renovations, large government projects, data centers, television studios, and hotels. His experience in tenant interior spaces has helped to shape his ability to perform detailed coordination of multiple facets of construction from specialty lighting fixtures to case work under very tight schedules. Having grown up with a dad who was both a carpenter and an architect, Greg combines his love for history with the construction “in his blood.” His studies of the stories of our past and the buildings in those stories that have been a major part of how we lived and flourished create a beautiful connection into the future as we continue to build our stories.

Dan Wehr | Project Manager

Project Manager

Dan has always been fascinated in how things are built and architecture in general. If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life, and Dan hit the jack-pot with a career in construction.  Dan holds an impressive almost 30 years in the constructions industry. Prior to Walker, 20 of those he specialized in a combo of management and estimates for site development and residential building contractors. Dan has proven to be a team player and will ensure everything is done in order to complete a job not only in a timely manner, but with top quality results.

Jim Hightower | Project Manager

Project Manager

Jim found interest for this line of work in his college days, resulting in achieving a Construction Management degree from Washington State University. He’s had a passion for participating in projects from start to finish ever since. He loves watching the physical manifestation when they rise from ground up. Knowing the impact he makes as a project manager on a daily basis is important to Jim, thus he strives to be a vital asset to his team and provide the provision and guidance each crew needs. A significant part of Jim’s time within the construction industry is that it is very well rounded: he has experience in many different aspects of the business. Jim has made it his mission to become intimately knowledgeable with products clients desire, ensuring their satisfaction and ultimate return for more at Walker Construction.

Bill Ludwig | Project Manager

Project Manager

Bill recently joined Walker Construction in 2020 and brings with him a valuable 44 years in the industry. His extensive experience in all phases of multi-million-dollar infrastructure, municipal and private sector projects prove to be an asset on all jobs he has supported. Bill combines in-depth industry knowledge with hands-on experience managing projects in the medical, retail and hospitality sectors. In addition to the respected skill he brings to Walker, his cheerful personality and positive attitude support the culture we have built here. Bill shares with us a mindset of building buildings for people.

Joshua Chrisman | Project Manager

Project Manager

Although he is the newest project Manager at Walker Construction, Josh Chrisman is no newbie to the industry. With over 20 years of hands-on experience in General Contracting, Architecture and Mechanical Contracting, he has a degree in Construction Management from Central Washington University. Josh is certified as a Design-Build Professional with the Design-Build Institute of America and holds an impressive resume with a number of significant achievements. To name just a few, he has completed 15 design-build projects over $25 million in which he held the roles of Project Executive, Pre-Construction Manager or Project Manager.  He generates value and overall project cost reduction through his conceptual estimating, target-value design and integrated project management experience.  Being a LEAN Champion with a heavy focus on project planning, organization and continuous improvement through elimination of waste makes him a key asset on any project. It’s easy to say…we’re thrilled to have Josh on board!


Our field crews are a cut above. We hire people who are not only skilled tradesmen and women, but who also embrace our values and culture. On one hand, they have experience with all type of self-performed concrete work from pouring a complex post-tension deck to maneuvering 30,000 pound forming tables. But many of them are skilled carpenters with a level of woodworking and finishing artistry that’s up to the most exacting historic restoration. These people are sincere, hardworking and professional. We’re proud of the work they do.