Making A Difference


Building is not just a technical endeavor — it’s a highly relational one. Think about it. As builders, we have the opportunity to come alongside someone’s hopes, dreams and aspirations. We need to establish a relationship of total transparency and mutual trust.

We come to truly understand who we're building for

This makes us more than just professional associates. It makes us partners in creating environments where people are better served because of what we’ve been able to do together. Honestly, that’s the best part about being a contractor.

But that investment in relationship doesn’t end at the job-site fencing. It extends into the community. It has to. That’s why we exist. We don’t just build for our own bottom line. We don’t simply build for the owner who’s hired us. We build so that people — ​ communities — can thrive.


Sometimes our projects offer us some very special ways to “give back” to a community or enhance people’s enjoyment of a space. Whether it’s saving a turn-of-the-century school bell or supporting the Spokane Symphony, we’re proud to able to contribute to the communities where we build.

What We've Done