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The purpose of art is to make you feel something. And subtly, the venues that present the art need to make you feel something too,  while also remaining perfect and unobtrusive. Crafting acoustically and aesthetically beautiful artistic spaces is a passion of ours. Restoring antique artwork is too. We feel a huge responsibility when we undertake a project that touches upon the arts because we know we’re helping to create those intersections with beauty and meaning that are the essence of our human experience. Building for the arts is like no other construction discipline. It requires an exceptional level of knowledge and craftsmanship. We have both. And that’s allowed us to help create some of the most extraordinary artistic spaces in the region.

Devotion to Detail

Our experience, awareness of nuance, and devotion to detail allows us to achieve a level of visual and auditory excellence that your patrons will notice and appreciate.

What we Know

We know how sound behaves and how structural mass impacts acoustics. And whether it’s a massive sculpture or stained glass art, we are skilled at precise and careful installation.

Who We Know

We employ craftsmen who care about the same details that you do. And we have relationships with specialized subcontractors whose talent will contribute to making your project extraordinary.

“A Ghost Story”


Many famous old theaters have what are called “ghost lights” —  Lamps that are kept burning night and day. The superstition goes back to the early days of theater when they were supposed to appease any mischievous spirits who might want to sabotage the show.

Otis is the name of the resident Ghost of the Fox Theater, and keeping him happy and out of our way during construction was a fun tradition our crew adopted with a wink during the Fox renovation. We left the lamp on at all times. And when a tool inexplicably went missing or a brand-new compressor failed — well, we knew who was to blame.

In the end, Otis didn’t cause our team too much grief. Maybe because we made him proud.



“Building for the arts is a beautiful challenge. Whether it is specialty lighting, acoustical requirements, or unobstructed sight lines, constructing artistic or cultural venues requires unique and sensitive solutions. So many elements build upon each other and are profoundly interdependent. You have to get it right the first time. Going backward is not an option.

With this discipline of construction, it’s difficult to gauge the results of your work during the build. Really, the true test comes at the end when all the components are installed and in play.

I remember when we were nearing completion of the renovation at the Fox Theater. Sound consultants had been flown in from California to run tests on the theater acoustics. After a few minutes of testing, all they could do was sit back and smile. That was one of the most satisfying days of my professional career. Our precision had paid off in acoustic perfection.”

~ Ed Walker
President / Project Manager

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