Building law-enforcement and justice facilities requires the ability to integrate function and aesthetics. Sally ports and holding cells need to be secure and imposing. Courtrooms should have an elegance that represents respect for the law. Our approach to these projects is thoughtful, incisive, and artistic. We understand the equipment and the systems you’ll require and can help ensure that your design and infrastructure supports them — beautifully.


We get to know you. We’ll make valuable recommendations about how to accomplish a structure that precisely meets your current needs while maintaining flexibility for future expansion or technological evolution.


We’ll provide advice on functional efficiency as well as constructibility reviews and value engineering to optimize cost and performance. This will ensure you get the most building for your budget and one that truly responds to your needs.


We self-perform our concrete and woodwork and we have some of the most talented, experienced craftsmen in the region. We bring an extraordinary level of cost-efficient excellence — even artistry — to your law enforcement project.


SYNERGY — A Design-Build Project with Architects West

One of the most gratifying aspects of this Design Build project for WSU was working so closely with the campus Chief of Police to make sure the design and construction accomplished the department’s mission. Architects West was a great partner in this. We enjoyed being able to take ideas for how to make the building flow or function better and turn them into structural reality.

What We've Done