Retail & Restaurants


“Brand” or identity is usually paramount with these types of projects. We have helped restaurants and retail chains replicate a standardized look and feel across multiple locations, but we’re equally comfortable helping express brand creatively in a single location such as a campus café. We have extensive experience with commercial kitchens as well as the equipment unique to the retail sector. We’re good at the micro-scheduling that these projects often require.


We’ll take time to really understand you and your timeline so we can ensure your selling or service imperatives drive the schedule all the way through. If you need to be open for a particular holiday, we’ll make it happen.


These projects are fun, but complex. We’ll blend the layers of building requirements imposed by malls and municipalities. And during final weeks when the finishes go in, we’re adept at the detailed scheduling that keeps the subs synergized and on track.


If you have a corporate design team that will be executing the final finishes, we’ll work seamlessly with them to help execute your look. We’ll provide sample installations and emphasize consistent communication.



“Our goal is perfection. And everything we do is focused on creating an unforgettable dining experience for our guests. We’re known for the beauty and elegance of our dining room. And we are proud of that. The custom woodwork and hand crafted details add to an ambience that’s worthy of the food we’ll put on your plate.

But our kitchen is just as impressive — in its own way. That’s where the magic begins. I’ve been a chef for over 20 years. This is not the largest kitchen I’ve ever worked in, but it doesn’t have to be. The equipment, flow and function are exactly what we need them to be. Perfect. Just like our food.”

~ Michael Peirone | Head Chef, Churchill’s Steakhouse, Spokane

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